Zondag 25 maart 2018 Salon Zeeuwse Concertzaal Middelburg, 11.00 uur Evelien de Vries | klarinet & Rien Balkenende | piano reserveren Zondag 15 april 2018 Salon Zeeuwse Concertzaal Middelburg, 11.00 uur Enno Voorhorst | gitaar reserveren Zondag 27 mei 2018 Salon Zeeuwse Concertzaal Middelburg, 11.00 uur Ksenia Dubrovskaya | viool & Sona Barseghyan | piano reserveren
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Dear friends of our festival,

I’m very glad to present to you the Programme of the festival 2017.

Every year, it is a pleasing challenge, on the one hand, to keep the

concept of the kamer muziek as the core and on the other hand to

present new ideas. We pray to the Goddess of the Sun that she will

allow us to realize the idea of the open air opening concert. There you

will hear the brilliant Pindakaas Saxophone Quartett and the Suite for

Cello & Jazz Trio by the French jazz musician and film music composer

Claude Bolling. That great composition is a wonderful journey between

baroque elements, jazz, swing, blues and deeply touching romantic parts.

Our second concert is dedicated to piano music and to Erwin Schulhoff,

whose music was rediscovered in the last 20 years. E. Schulhoff, born in

Prague, was a wayfarer between various music styles. In 2017 we

commemorate the 75th year of his death in a concentration camp.

The 3rd evening is powered by the arc of suspense between baroque

music and the music of the 20/21st century. I especially like the

encounter of J. Ph. Rameau’s 3rd concert and ‘Waiting for Rameau’,

written by the Latvian composer Ilona Brege, which refers to Rameau’s

3rd concert.

The Soirée Française will offer you various sides of the musical French

esprit. Debussy’s ‘Danse sacrée et danse profane’ for harp & strings

might be a particularly colourful moment of the evening.

Our last evening will start in Vienna with the impressively deep Piano

Quartet of the 16 year old ( young ! ) G. Mahler and continue with

Mozart’s magic Oboe Quartet. Erwin Schulhoff was a very important

pianist. His 5 Etudes de Jazz are a reflection of a many-sided musician

of jazz. One of the most important pianists of the 20th century,

Friedrich Gulda, has written one of the greatest Cello hits of all times.

In his Concerto for Cello & Wind ensemble you will hear Rock music,

Viennese sounds, a mediaeval-flamenco Menuetto and…. Be surprised

by the Koniklijke Harmonie Ons Genoegen and me as the soloist.

Ramón Jaffé

Artistic Festival Director